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Sugar and spice and everything nice

Cottage Kit
  • Everything included

    There's nothing more to buy as lollies, icing mix and a piping bag are included.

  • Easy to build

    The unique link and lock design makes it easy to assemble.

  • Embossed gingerbread

    Ice your house as you desire or for easy icing, follow the imprinted design.

  • Great price

    The kit is terrific value on its own and even better value when you buy 2 or more.

Quality Ingredients

We scoured the globe to bring you the best value gingerbread house kit. Only quality ingredients are included and as the house pieces are pre-baked, you’re guaranteed to get a tasty result.

  • Generous Icing Mix

    Plenty of icing mix is included, so there is more than enough for the kit. A piping bag with tip is also supplied.

    Gingerbread House Kit icing mix
  • Delicious Taste

    Although it is fun to make our kit, the best part is in the eating. As soon as you open the packet, you’re greeted with a gingery smell that may tempt you to take a bite right away.

    Gingerbread House Kit Assembled
  • Lots of Lollies

    Aren’t you busy enough at Christmas to run around for yet another product? And you don’t want to give a gift that doesn’t come with everything. That’s why all our kits include lollies that have been specially selected for gingerbread houses. There are plenty included, so everyone gets a turn to decorate (and eat!).

    Gingerbread House Kit lollies

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Bulk Orders

For church gingerbread house kit nights, Christmas corporate gifts and fundraising.

Gingerbread House Kits bulk orders

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How to build your gingerbread house.

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