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Decorated Christmas tree with presents on beach

Win a Stocking Stuffer Bundle #1

 This contest has been run and won. Congratulations to Andy who wrote:

"I was given a wall mounted big mouth billy bass fish that had motion sensor. If someone came into the room, it moved, turned it’s head and sang loudly, “Take me to the river ! Drop me in the water” ... so I did."

Billy Bass Christmas fish

We're giving away another bundle, so if you missed out, have another go with this week's contest.

Battery-powered sock warmers, wrinkle cream, ugly sweaters. We've all had our share of dodgy Christmas pressies over the years and now it's your turn to share your story. The most interesting story will win a stocking stuffer bundle valued at $40. What's the worst Christmas gift you ever received? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and check back next week to find out if you won.

  • Entries close midnight Friday 24th November
  • Keep your story under 100 words
  • Multiple entries allowed - submit each entry as individual comment
  • Keep it clean
  • Double-check your email address
  • Good luck!

The fine print

  • The prize is one stocking stuffer bundle including postage
  • Entrants must be located in Australia as prize can only be sent to an Australian address
  • Entrants agree to allow us to add their email address to our newsletter list (you can easily unsubscribe later)
  • Entrants agree to allow us to publish their entry on this website and social media platforms
  • We reserve the right to edit an entry
  • We reserve the right to not publish an entry
  • Entries become our property and we are the owner for copyright purposes
  • The winner will have their initials and location published here and on our social media platforms (e.g. S.C. - North Pole)
  • The winner will be chosen based on the entry content and as such chance plays no part in the outcome
  • The winner will be contacted using the email they submitted and must respond within 3 days to claim the prize
  • In the event the prize is not claimed, we reserve the right to select an alternate winner or not award the prize
  • The prize is one stocking stuffer bundle and cannot be exchanged for an alternate product or cash
  • The prize will be sent by either Fastway or Australia Post and we are not responsible for any delays or loss in transit


Nov 29, 2018 • Posted by Graeme

Actually this is one I gave out, first Christmas with a lovely young lady and I gave her a stuffed Cane Toad holding a little Bunderberg Rum bottle, not sure she was to impressed. Fortunately my gifts must have improved, as we have now been married for over twenty four years.

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Mikaela C

My grandma bought me a gift voucher to a Bar and Grill, I am a vegan!

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Eva Kiraly

A decorative gift set of oil and vinegar, it wouldn’t be so bad but it was from my boyfriend.

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Vanessa Clark

A first aid kit .I’d just moved into a new a new house and apparently every house should have one

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Kelly Ryan

The worst gift was actually no gift. Some people think if you have a birthday in December that Christmas presents aren’t required!

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Stephanie

My uncle gave me an all-expense paid trip…to the dentist. Christmas always reminds me of that painful experience now.

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Leanne

My brother wrapped a huge box under tree when we were teenagers and thinking I was going to get a nice big pressie brought him a really nice one excited Xmas day I tore off wrapping to find it was all my things that had been mysteriously disappearing over the last month he thought it was hilarious.

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by Laura Scriven

A new Saxophone from my Granddad,
He said it was the last they had.
Sadly, I played the clarinet,
That’s what I wanted to get.

Nov 24, 2017 • Posted by judy

I was given earrings from my in-laws. I didn’t even have my ears pierced!

Nov 23, 2017 • Posted by Jacky Burkett

A striped blanket! There it was at the end of my bed, ok Santa also left some chocolate and oranges but the main gift was a blanket. I may have hated it when I was given it but I brought it all the way from the UK to Australia when I emigrated. It reminds me of my parents and that we dont need lots of things we just need love and thats what my parents gave me.

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