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Win a Stocking Stuffer Bundle #2

Was it the psychotic uncle, an inappropriate comment from a child or the mid-meal meltdown? We've all got a crazy Christmas story and now's the time to share yours with the world. The craziest story will win a stocking stuffer bundle valued at $40. Share your story by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page and check back next week to find out if you won.

  • Entries close midnight Friday 1st December
  • Keep your story under 100 words
  • Multiple entries allowed - submit each entry as individual comment
  • Keep it family-friendly
  • Double-check your email address
  • Good luck!

The fine print

  • The prize is one stocking stuffer bundle including postage
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  • The winner will be contacted using the email they submitted and must respond within 3 days to claim the prize
  • In the event the prize is not claimed, we reserve the right to select an alternate winner or not award the prize
  • The prize is one stocking stuffer bundle and cannot be exchanged for an alternate product or cash
  • The prize will be sent by either Fastway or Australia Post and we are not responsible for any delays or loss in transit


Nov 29, 2017 • Posted by shrekluck

The biggest meltdown happened when my older brother and sister (around 35yo at the time) decided that drinking wine (before lunch) on a hot day in Central NSW was a good idea. They had a few issues with each other and because the alcohol was there they decided to let loose their feelings. At the time I was around 12yo, all I wanted to do was play with the presents I had already opened and open the presents they were supposed to give me. Well, needless to say, one thing led to another and then we had glasses of wine being thrown at each other, then food and one of them stormed off and the other did as well.
The biggest disappointment for me was I didn’t get my presents from them until they could face my parents again (which was at least a week later), and my mum wasn’t in the mood to have a Christmas feast.
So I missed out on presents and food.
When I host my parties now, we don’t drink alcohol!! :-)

Nov 28, 2017 • Posted by Rebekah Ballingall

We were having a family Christmas and everybody had pulled the bun buns
And we were all eating our dinner and then after dinner before the pudding arrived one of our guests decided he would crack out the cigars
He put the cigar in his mouth and went to light it in the candelabra and set his hat from the cracker on fire

Nov 28, 2017 • Posted by Lolo W

My cousin’s new partner joined us for Christmas dinner, the first time most of us had met him. At dinner, my mother casually asked what he did for a living. My cousin’s much younger brother immediately informed us that the new partner was “a rapist”… An audible gasp was heard, followed by a brief awkward silence. The younger brother quickly continued: “it’s on his business card! It said he’s an anal-ist and the rapist.” Another awkward pause, then the table simultaneously erupted in laughter… as we welcomed the partner, a psychoanalyst/ therapist… who’s never managed to live down his introduction!

Nov 27, 2017 • Posted by Fran D

It was the night before Christmas and as Santa’s helper I was driving around the neighbourhood, to visit some special children. It was great see their eyes light up, listen to their wish lists, and meet their favourite teddies. The final visit was a neighbourhood party, the kids where great and Santa was HO HO HOING with delight. Then like a Bad Moms movie, the mums attacked with sitting on his knee, and even kissing and pulling his beard. I felt like a bouncer as saved Santa and got him out of there.

Nov 27, 2017 • Posted by Diana

Dear old Mum woke up one Christmas morning a few years ago now, to her absolute, sheer horror – NO TURKEY in the fridge to cook. She’d taken it out of the chest freezer in the garage a few days earlier, gotten side tracked, and left it on a shelf out there. Weather had been in the mid 40’s, and it stunk to high heaven. How and why Dad didn’t notice the rotting flesh smell in his garage is beyond us all, perhaps being out there alone, in the one location he can omit his offensive gasses masked it!?! Anyway, when we all arrived for lunch and found out what had happened, everyone laughed, and as inadequate as she felt inside herself, the turkey missing was no biggie because mum always puts on a massive spread.

Nov 27, 2017 • Posted by Ruby

When I was about 6 I woke up before anyone and swapped some of the toys from my brothers stocking with mine. It completely baffled my parents and I ended up confessing years later. But I did score a Donkey Kong game and watch !

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