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Looking for a great tasting and easy to make gingerbread house kit this Christmas? This website is owned and operated by Tina and Richard Pearce of RickSure, an Australian company established in 1995. With four young kids, we loved the idea of building our own gingerbread house kit, but every year we ended up disappointed. 

Year 1 - We built, or tried to build, a house from scratch. Not only did this take forever, our lack of cooking ability resulted in, well let's just say it was inspired by the leaning tower of Pisa.

Year 2 - Off to the supermarket to get a cheap kit. The pieces needed to dipped in hot oil to melt the sides, in order to be stuck together. This was Dad's job and after several burnt fingers, the kids had some colourful words to add to their vocabulary.

Year 3 - This time we went for a more upmarket supermarket kit. Or so we thought. This one had pre-made icing which seemed like a good idea, but it was fiddly to work with. More importantly, the taste was just ordinary.

Then we happened to find this website up for sale. The kit looked good, but once we took over and trawled through previous customer emails, we discovered a couple of problems. The kits were not packed well, so some would break in transit. Deliveries took too long and some people felt the kits weren't that great.

To address this, we scoured the world to find the very best valued kits. After much testing, we finally found the right ones and we're really excited to bring them to you. We go overboard on the packaging and post the same day you order so they arrive to you safely and quickly. But best of all, these kits are a lot of fun to make and taste great. Unleash your imagination this Christmas and don't forget to post your creation on one of our social media sites (see list in footer). Happy eating and we hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Gingerbread House Kit is a owned and operated by RickSure Pty Ltd (ABN 56 072 121 585).

Address: PO Box 5118, Turramurra NSW 2074

Phone: 1300 205 250